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What Should I Know About Getting a Vasectomy in Montreal and Quebec?

What Should I Know About Getting a Vasectomy in Montreal and Quebec?

A vasectomy is a method of birth control that renders a man unable to father children. This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis without general anesthesia. Vasectomies are nearly 100% effective in preventing births, but they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. If you’re considering a vasectomy in Montreal, here’s what you should know.  

What Are the 4 Main Steps Involved in a Vasectomy Procedure?  

  • Introduction – a consult with the doctor to discuss your health and medical history to determine whether a vasectomy is right for you.  
  • Preparation – the day before your surgery, you will need to shave the scrotum. The day of the surgery, you should eat breakfast or lunch as regular. Arrange for someone to drive you home.  
  • Operation – the procedure takes less than 15 minutes in the clinic.  
  • Recovery – rest for 24 hours. Only allow yourself some light activity for the next few days.  


How Much Time Off Will I Need to Take from Work for a Vasectomy?  

Most men return to work three to five days after a vasectomy. You will need to rest the first couple of days after your vasectomy in Montreal. You can increase your activity level as you feel better, but you must be careful to avoid heavy lifting and sports for a week or two after your vasectomy. Your doctor can discuss the specifics with you based on your lifestyle.  

I Can’t Wait 2 Years for a Vasectomy in Quebec, Do I Have an Option?  

A private vasectomy clinic in Hawkesbury might be the answer to your problem. From downtown Montreal, the drive to Hawkesbury is just about an hour. Although we do charge a reorientation fee of 95$, the RAMQ covers the consultation fee and vasectomy fee for Quebec residents.   

Can I Afford to Pay for a Vasectomy in Quebec? Come to Ontario!  

A vasectomy in Hawkesbury is free for Quebec residents with RAMQ. Our wait time for appointments is much less than the 2 years in the public system. Our fees are much less than the private sector clinics in Quebec. We can get you in quickly within a few weeks for the procedure in most cases.  

Can I Have a Vasectomy Without General Anesthesia?  

Yes, a vasectomy is performed without general anesthesia. We use a local anesthetic that numbs the skin to about 5 MM, which is just enough to cut the vas deferens. There are no stitches. We only make a small hole that closes up by itself within 2 to 3 days. Most patients manage their pain with over-the-counter analgesics. Your doctor will give you instructions.  

Will I Be Able to Travel Back Soon from Hawkesbury to Montreal After My Vasectomy?  

You can leave the vasectomy clinic in Hawkesbury after your surgery. You should arrange for someone to do the driving so you don’t put pressure on the area. It may feel uncomfortable. When you get home, put an ice pack on your scrotum to reduce the pain and swelling.  

How Big Is the Wound and How Many Sutures Will I Need in a Vasectomy?  

During your vasectomy, the surgeon only makes a small hole to snip the vas deferens. It’s about 5 mm long. This wound generally heals by itself within 2-3 days. The wound does not need any sutures. We do recommend wearing tight underwear for a few days following the surgery to support the scrotum.  

I Need an Immediate Birth Control Method. Is a Vasectomy the Right Choice?  

A vasectomy does not provide immediate protection against pregnancy. It takes 12 weeks for the sperm in your semen to fully clear out. You will be asked to provide a sperm sample to the clinic to be tested to determine if there are sperm in your semen. Use another form of birth control until your doctor confirms that there are no sperm in your semen.  

Will a Vasectomy Render Me Sexually Inactive?  

A vasectomy does not affect your hormones, so it should not have any affect on your sex drive or masculinity. Some men even have more sexual satisfaction following the vasectomy. A vasectomy simply prevents you from fathering a child. Your vasectomy does not increase your risk of cancers or heart disease.  

What Happens if I Change My Mind After a Vasectomy? Can It Be Reversed?  

A vasectomy is considered permanent birth control, but there is an operation that can reverse the vasectomy. A vasovasostomy restores sperm in ejaculation. The success rate of a vasectomy reversal in Montreal depends on the duration of time since the original vasectomy and the method of vasectomy. Contact our clinic to make an appointment to discuss this procedure.  

Get More Information About Vasectomies  

Although vasectomies are becoming more mainstream, many men still have questions. Dr. Bercier is happy to consult with you about your vasectomy to help you make an informed decision. He will answer any of your concerns about vasectomy. Our Hawkesbury clinic has appointments just a few weeks out, but we also have clinics in Ottawa and Montreal. Book your appointment for a consultation.