Vasectomy Clinic, Montreal

A vasectomy is a procedure that a man can undergo to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the partner. The vas deferens is interrupted to prevent sperm from entering the seminal fluid. Vasectomies have over a 99.9% success rate in preventing pregnancies. At our Montreal clinic, the procedure takes about 15 minutes. We use a local anesthetic and most of our patients report little to no pain.

Considerations for a Vasectomy

A vasectomy is an outpatient procedure. Most patients are only in the office for a short time before going home to rest. You’ll need to take a few days to recover, but most men are able to return to work in a week. A vasectomy does not affect your sex drive, nor does it increase your risk of prostate cancer. You will want to use another form of birth control for a few weeks following the procedure until your doctor confirms that the sperm is out of your semen. Keep in mind that vasectomies do not prevent sexually transmitted infections, so it is important to continue using protection and following safe practices.

Is Vasectomy Right for You?

Vasectomies are considered permanent birth control. Reversal surgery is an option, but in some instances, it may not be fully successful. To make an appointment for a vasectomy at our Montreal clinic, book your appointment directly through our website. Dr. Bercier will discuss the procedure with you to answer your questions.