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What Screening Questions will Qualify Me for a Vasectomy?

If you think you’re done having children and want a permanent form of birth control, vasectomy is one of the most effective methods of preventing pregnancy. You might be wondering what qualifies you to get a vasectomy. Maybe you’re wondering if there are any reasons you can’t get a vasectomy. Although you may not be required to get any medical tests before your vasectomy, blood tests or other lab work and careful counseling before the procedure ensure that you won’t have regrets and that your health won’t be impacted.

Is a Vasectomy the Right Choice?

You do not need to get your partner’s permission to get a vasectomy, but you may want to discuss it with your partner first. Many men choose vasectomy when they don’t want any more children, but that isn’t the only reason. If your partner shouldn’t get pregnant for her own health or if you carry genetic disorders, you may decide that a vasectomy is the best decision. If you are unsure about a vasectomy at this time, you might want to wait.

Do You Have Any Problems with Your Genitals?

There are certain conditions that may make your doctor use caution when performing a vasectomy. A swollen scrotum or undescended testicle don’t disqualify you from having a vasectomy, but there may be additional steps to take. If you have an active sexually transmitted infection, you may have to wait until the infection is cleared up before you can undergo a vasectomy. A hernia in the groin is another special condition.

Tell Your Montreal Doctor About Any Health Conditions Before Your Vasectomy

Diabetes, lupus, AIDS-related illnesses and other infections don’t necessarily impact your ability to have the vasectomy, but your healing can be affected. You should discuss any health problems with your doctor. This helps your doctor make arrangements for any health concerns. It’s important to understand the risks of the procedure as much as the benefits. Make an appointment with our Montreal clinic to talk about vasectomy and whether it’s right for you.