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Myths Busted! Your Vasectomy Clinic has the Facts

A vasectomy is a type of permanent birth control for men in which the vas deferens is blocked or closed to prevent sperm from getting to the semen. Although the procedure is very common, there are many misconceptions about vasectomies. Here are some common myths that can help you get past some of the main concerns about this procedure.

Myth : Vasectomy is a major surgery.

Truth : Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis. At our vasectomy clinic, we don’t use a needle or a scalpel. You may experience minor discomfort or have some bruising for a few days, but it’s not steady pain.

Myth: Vasectomies aren’t always successful.

Truth: Vasectomies have a 99.9% success rate. It can take three months following the vasectomy to make sure the sperm is out of the system. You will want to use a backup form of birth control until your doctor gives you the go ahead.

Myth : A vasectomy decreases your testosterone and sexual function.

Truth : A vasectomy prevents the sperm from getting into the semen, which prevents pregnancy. The procedure does not affect testosterone production, nor does it interfere with sexual function.

Myth: A vasectomy is linked to prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Truth: The Prostate Cancer Foundation references a meta-analysis of over 53 studies that clearly demonstrate a “weak association” between vasectomy and prostate cancer. A 2017 meta-analysis and review of studies involving almost 300,000 participants found no “statistically significant relationship between vasectomy and CVD risk.”

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A vasectomy allows the male partner to have responsibility over contraception. It is an effective method for birth control without any hormonal side effects. Keep in mind that vasectomies do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Get your questions answered about vasectomies when you book your appointment for a consultation to discuss the procedure at our vasectomy clinic . If you’re going through the public health system, ask your doctor for a referral. Make an appointment directly with our Ottawa , Hawkesbury or Montreal clinics.