Docteur Jean-Philippe Bercier BSc, MD, CCFP



Les mythes sont dévoilés

Mythes démystifiés ! Quels sont les faits sur la vasectomie ?

La vasectomie est une méthode de contraception permanente pour les hommes, consistant à bloquer ou fermer les canaux déférents afin d’empêcher les spermatozoïdes de se mélanger au sperme. Bien que cette procédure soit très courante, de nombreuses idées fausses circulent à son sujet. Le Dr Jean-Philippe Bercier, expert de renom, exerçant dans trois cliniques de vasectomie à Montréal, Hawkesbury et Ottawa, répond à vos préoccupations et éclaire divers aspects de la procédure de vasectomie, des risques potentiels et des effets secondaires à son impact sur la fonction sexuelle et les effets à long terme. Grâce à son expertise et à son approche bienveillante, le Dr Bercier veillera à ce que vous disposiez des informations nécessaires pour prendre une décision éclairée concernant cette méthode populaire de contraception. 

Y a-t-il des risques ou des effets secondaires associés à la vasectomie ?

Le Dr Bercier nous assure que la vasectomie est généralement une procédure sûre et efficace, réalisée en ambulatoire dans ses cliniques d’Ottawa, Hawkesbury et Montréal. Le Dr Bercier utilise une méthode non invasive, qui ne nécessite ni aiguille ni scalpel. Cependant, comme pour toute intervention médicale, il existe des risques potentiels et des effets secondaires, tels que des saignements, des infections et des douleurs chroniques. Il souligne que ces complications sont relativement rares et ne devraient pas vous dissuader de considérer la vasectomie comme une option viable. Prenez rendez-vous dans lune de ses cliniques pour obtenir des ponses à toutes vos questions sur la procédure. 

La vasectomie affectera-t-elle votre fonction sexuelle ou votre libido ?

Le Dr Bercier s’efforce depuis longtemps de démystifier le mythe selon lequel une vasectomie réduit la libido masculine. Il affirme avec force qu’une vasectomie bloque uniquement les spermatozoïdes dans le sperme, mais elle ne réduit pas la production de testostérone. 

Une vasectomie peut-elle augmenter le risque de cancer de la prostate ou d’autres problèmes de santé ?

Selon le Dr Bercier, il n’existe aucune preuve scientifique étayant l’idée qu’une vasectomie augmente le risque de cancer de la prostate ou d’autres problèmes de san. Vous pouvez donc avoir confiance en la sécurité et la fiabilité de la vasectomie comme méthode de contraception. 

Est-il vrai qu’une vasectomie est irréversible ?

Le Dr Bercier propose également une réversion de vasectomie dans ses cliniques de Montréal, Hawkesbury et Ottawa, mais il souligne que les taux de réussite de cette procédure varient et ne sont pas garantis. Il est important de comprendre que la vasectomie est considérée comme une forme permanente de contraception et doit être envisagée avec soin en gardant cela à l’esprit. 

Combien de temps faut-il pour se rétablir après une vasectomie ?

Le Dr Bercier conseille que le temps de récupération après une vasectomie est généralement assez court. La plupart des hommes peuvent reprendre leurs activités habituelles en quelques jours. Cependant, il recommande d’éviter tout effort physique intense et de soulever des objets lourds pendant environ une semaine après la procédure. Les éventuelles douleurs temporaires et les gonflements sont normaux et peuvent généralement être gérés avec des médicaments en vente libre jusqu’à leur disparition, ce qui se produit généralement en quelques jours. 

Faut-il utiliser une autre forme de contraception après une vasectomie ?

Le Dr Bercier insiste sur l’importance d’utiliser une autre forme de contraception jusqu’à trois mois après la vasectomie. 

Expérimenterez-vous des effets à long terme ou des complications suite à une vasectomie ?

Le Dr Bercier assure aux patients que dans la plupart des cas, une vasectomie n’entraîne pas d’effets à long terme ou de complications. Cependant, il reconnaît qu’un faible pourcentage d’hommes peuvent ressentir des douleurs ou un inconfort testiculaire chronique suite à la procédure, connu sous le nom de syndrome de douleur post-vasectomie. Il insiste sur l’importance de rechercher des soins médicaux appropriés pour gérer et traiter cette condition si elle se manifeste. 




Colin LumsdenColin Lumsden
20:45 21 Mar 24
Great experience, on time, ready, clear and the receptionist was outstanding. The "blue balls" upon exit was a great touch to add an element of fun to the experience. Highly recommend Dr. Bercier and team!
Corey LecoursCorey Lecours
19:53 21 Mar 24
Great care from the staff
19:38 21 Mar 24
terry luterry lu
23:50 20 Mar 24
I would highly recommend Dr Bercier. They are very well organized there and I was in and out in 15 to 20 mins.
Kevin AmesburyKevin Amesbury
20:20 20 Mar 24
Great service, quick turnaround and excellent communication. I recommend this clinic to everyone I know. Truly a cut above the rest!
Dave TurnbullDave Turnbull
21:26 07 Mar 24
Fast, efficient, business friendly, professional, and painless. Great work. Just follow their instructions regarding before and after procedure and all will be fine. That's how I see it.
Chris ClairmontChris Clairmont
21:50 06 Mar 24
I was very hesitant to book and honestly a little frightened. Upon showing up it was very thorough , very fast and felt absolutely nothing . Leave your pride at the door , and get it on the way out . I had over thought the process , and it was really done before I knew it .I did feel the after care amount of 170$ was quite steep as I feel most of which should be covered under ohip , 50$ for the glue he used? , 12$ for 2 condoms ? Was made mandatory to pay before but on the after care sheet was stated as an option .all in all , I am happy it’s done . And anyone looking to book , know it was a real easy , painless procedure .
Francois DubeFrancois Dube
21:05 06 Mar 24
My appointment was at 10:20, I got there a 10 and at 10:22 I was in my car riding back home. Professional, quick and effective procedure. Did not feel a thing while the doc was performing the vasectomy. 100% recommend this place.
Create , incredible... Make easy service ! The Doctor was relax and very professional! The attitude and the overall atmosphere was very noice and casual
Andre ComtoisAndre Comtois
16:37 06 Feb 24
This clinic is great. They've really perfected the craft. In and out, takes longer to sign in than it does to get the procedure done. Procedure was painless. And I left with no risidual pain either. A big thank you to Dr. Bercier and his team.Note - As part of your mental prep for this procedure, make sure you know what music you want to have playing while it happens. Or else you may end up hearing The Dixie Chicks when you really don't want to hear them.
The best!!!! If I could do the operation again, I would do it again without hesitation! Dr Bercier is the doctor of the situation, my Doctor, our Doctor quite simply! In addition, its painless technique is positioned from afar, in the allegorical floats, in front of the parade, whatever. 🙌🙌🙌🙌Dr Bercier, THANK YOU
My vasectomy with Dr. Dumais went very well. I was worried, but she told me to settle down and not to worry. Well, without other options, I settle into my greatest vulnerability. No discomfort or pain felt. According to some reviews, the post-op kit contains unnecessary items. This is not the case. I try to add a photo of the work, but it doesn’t work :/ Thank you Dre Dumais
Vasovasostomy by Dr. Bercier. Efficient, professional and dedicated. Strongly recommended!
Mike VetteseMike Vettese
02:13 12 Oct 23
The staff and Dr Bercier have created a very calm experience. In and on within 15 mins and the actual procedure was seriously 2 mins. Best in the biz!
Maxx LMaxx L
00:12 06 Oct 23
Amazing. In and out in 20 minutes. Healing is going very well. Hardly feel a thing. In all honesty it's pretty nice to get a few days just to relax. Keep it up!
Rob CarterRob Carter
21:19 02 Aug 23
Had my vasectomy performed by Dr Dumais, who has taken over for Dr Weiss who has since retired. She was absolutely excellent. Great bedside manner, clear explanations of what was happening and any potential discomfort that might be felt during each step. Entire procedure from freezing to finish took under 10 minutes.Before beginning Dr Bercier confirmed my age (31), that I had no children, and that I was 100% certain I never wanted to have any (and that my partner felt the same way). She reiterated that while surgical reversal is sometimes possible, the procedure should be considered permanent.Nurses/office staff were friendly and efficient. Got up from the table a bit too quick and ended up sitting down in the chair and fainting. They were right on top of things and immediately went into their usual routine for when those things happen. We had a little chuckle about it, and at no point did it feel weird or judgemental which I very much appreciated.A couple of other notes based on some things mentioned in a few other reviews here:- Total out of pocket fees are $170, consisting of a $20 deposit and $150 on the day of the procedure. Those costs are detailed in the attached photo of the “Pre and Post Vasectomy Kit”. As detailed on the page patients can choose to pay only for the specific items/services they want, and they also give you a week post-procedure to request a refund and pay only for the needed items. This information is not provided anywhere before going in, so most will just pay the $170 and be done with it. While some of these costs are certainly quite highly inflated, they do help make up for the fairly minimal compensation the clinic receives from OHIP for each procedure.- Website is a bit of a mess, although most of the important bits are easy to find (and all the most important info is attached to the emails you’ll get). Specifically one thing they have changed is that you do *not* need to travel to the office to pick up your vasectomy package before the procedure! You are given it after your appointment just before leaving.- To the few complaining about pain/discomfort lasting more than the first week and “not being made aware of the risks”… did you not bother to fully read through the documentation available both on the website as well as repeatedly sent to you in the emails? All of the risks and rates of various complications are explicitly laid out in advance. Every body is different, and there is a small chance of a variety of complications. Choosing to ignore the provided information and then complaining that you wouldn’t have gone through with it if you knew is just ridiculous.One last recommendation for the doctors here: I highly recommend investing the few thousand dollars towards having a professional web design company re-build you a new website from the ground up. The current site is a mess, particularly on modern phones, and this is something that will radically improve the patient experience.Edit 2023/10/24: Wow, the new website is looking great!
Gaignun KukaiGaignun Kukai
03:43 18 Jul 23
Dr. Valerie Dumois did my vasectomy, and she was really quite kind willing to answer questions. It was for the most part painless and the pain you feel is minimal. Reception was also pretty great they answered all my questions to male sire I heal properly. Was great meeting them all and doing it the modern way or a scalpel and needle is definitely in every males favour. Thank you so much for being such great people
Garlic Jr.Garlic Jr.
18:19 06 Jul 23
Half an hour to my appointment they told me to wait outside(35 degrees celcius) until exactly my appointment. Dr. Bercier if you can call him a doctor had the most rude and disrespectful attitude I've had from a doctor. I asked him three questions to which he said he didn't care. During the procedure I simply asked how long does it take and he replied with "How long do you think it takes? Did you see me with the other patients?" I think his attitude was racially motivated because I'm not French. Don't come here! Go somewhere else!
19:58 19 Jun 23
Great clinic, 5 stars all around. Leading up to the appointment they provide you with fantastic information that explains everything in detail. Great communication, super organized, friendly and professional. Everyone from reception, to the nurse, to the doctor - all were pleasant, efficient, and professional. It was a huge piece of mind. The doctor played my choice of music during the procedure. It was practically painless, with only minor discomfort for a brief moment, and it was quick. I am now recovering comfortably with very detailed instructions about how to enhance my recovery. Thank you Dr. Weiss and Dr. Bercier! Highly recommend.
Louis KearnsLouis Kearns
16:14 28 Apr 23