Vasectomy Reversal in Montreal

A vasectomy is considered a permanent form of birth control, but there are many times when life’s circumstances change. If you’ve had a vasectomy and now want to have children, a vasectomy reversal is a surgical procedure in which fertility is restored by reconnecting the vas deferens to allow sperm to return to the seminal fluid. A vasectomy reversal at our Montreal clinic is performed without general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure by an experienced doctor.

How Successful Is Vasectomy Reversal?

The success of a vasectomy reversal depends on many factors. Vasectomy reversals are typically measured by successful pregnancy rates, which has many other elements. In our office, we count patency rate (the return of live sperm to the seminal fluid) as well as the pregnancy rate. With a vasectomy, the testes still produce sperm, but the sperm cannot enter the semen because the pathway was blocked when the vas deferens tubes were cut. A vasovasostomy at our Montreal clinic reconnects the pathway. Overall, our office has a high success rate.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Vasectomy Reversal?

Success rates are higher with fewer years since the vasectomy was performed. However, we do have a good rate of success even with men who had their vasectomy done many years ago. Contact our Montreal office about vasectomy reversal for a consultation to discuss the procedure. You can fill out an application online and we will call you to schedule the appointment.