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Is a circumcision painful?

Is a circumcision painful?

Male circumcision is an elective surgery in which the foreskin of the penis is removed. It’s usually done for cultural or religious reasons, and most commonly performed on babies. Generally, it’s not medically necessary, so many parents wonder if they should choose circumcision in Ottawa. No parent likes their child to be in pain, even if the medical reason offers several benefits. Here’s what you should know about the pain and healing associated with circumcision.  

Pain management for circumcision surgery 

Doctors use a local anesthetic during the circumcision to reduce discomfort for the baby. The baby might cry during the procedure, but that is often because they have to be held in place. The circumcision does not impact how the baby urinates, because the urethra is not touched during the surgery. Once the surgery is finished, you can give your baby infant Tylenol to manage any minor discomfort as the wound heals.  

How long will a circumcision take to heal?  

Newborns usually recover very quickly from a circumcision, often within one or two days, but the wound may need up to two weeks to heal. The area may look bruised for a few days, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable for the baby. You will need to protect the tip of the penis with gauze and petroleum jelly until it heals.  

Make an informed decision about circumcision  

There’s no right or wrong decision about circumcision. The important thing is to discuss your concerns with a doctor who has experience to answer your questions about circumcision so you can make the best decision for your family. Make an appointment for a consultation about circumcision in Gatineau with Dr. Bercier to get all the information you need.