No-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy
Dr. Stein Technique


No-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy
Dr. Stein’s Technique

Vasectomies are a sterilization method for men who do not want children or do not wish to have more. It is a minor, 15-minute intervention done with local anesthesia at the doctor’s office. It is a permanent male contraception method that prevents spermatozoa from entering semen. Simple and very effective, vasectomies have a success rate of more than 99% in preventing pregnancies. Patients say they felt very little pain: no worse than getting bloodwork done. Some even say they felt no pain at all.



  • Does not offer immediate sterilisation: another method of birth control should be used until the control test to ensure no spermatozoa is left in semen (about 12 weeks and 20 ejaculations later).
  • Vasectomies are permanent sterilization methods: reversal surgery is not always successful.
  • Does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.