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Myths about Circumcision

Myths about Circumcision – Learn the Facts

A circumcision is a medical procedure in which the foreskin of the penis is removed. Typically, this procedure is performed on a baby in the first three months after birth. Parents of baby boys should consider many factors when determining whether to circumcise their baby. It’s important to know the truth instead of relying on what you may have heard about circumcision.

Myth: Circumcisions lead to greater sexual pleasure.

Fact: Circumcision does not affect sexual activity.

Among several other research studies, an NHS study concluded that there was no scientific evidence for differences in sexual function or activity in men who uncircumcised or circumcised.  There are many benefits of circumcision, such as a reduced risk of UTIs and STDs. Circumcisions makes it easier to keep the penis clean.

Myth: A circumcision is a dangerous surgery.

Fact: Circumcisions rarely have severe complications.

Surgical procedures can be dangerous, but circumcisions have low rates of complications. Babies are given analgesia during the procedure and treated for pain following the surgery.

Myth: Your son may resent you when he gets older.

Fact: You can only make the best decision for your child at the time.

Parents make many decisions for their children, some of which have long-lasting effects. Circumcision is just one. People choose circumcision for many reasons, not just health. Religion and social factors can also come into play. Some parents want their sons to resemble other males in their culture.

Make Your Decision About Circumcision After Speaking to a Doctor

Some people do believe that infants shouldn’t be circumcised. It’s important to weigh the benefits with the risks so that you make an informed choice for your son. Dr. Jean-Philippe Bercier is a healthcare provider with years of experience who offers consultations for new parents who are deciding whether to circumcise or not.

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