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Considering a Vasectomy? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re thinking about birth control, a vasectomy can be a good option. It’s over 99% effective and doesn’t involve any impact on your hormones. Hence, a vasectomy won’t affect your sex drive. Knowing what to expect when you get a vasectomy can help you be more relaxed before and after the procedure at your vasectomy clinic.

Before the Surgery at Your Vasectomy Clinic

The day before your procedure, you need to shave under your penis and the front of your scrotum. This lets the doctor at the vasectomy clinic see the area better and diminishes the chances of a post-vasectomy infection or epididymitis. The doctor may use alcohol to wipe your skin before the vasectomy, which will sting freshly shaven skin. On the day of the surgery, don’t use powder or deodorant on your genitals. You can eat breakfast or lunch before the procedure as usual.

The Office Procedure

A vasectomy is done as an outpatient procedure in our vasectomy clinic. You’ll be given a local anaesthesia to numb the skin and to reduce discomfort. Once your skin is numb, the doctor uses a small instrument to puncture the skin to close the vas deferens. Stitches are not required because the hole is very small.  The procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes. You may experience some bruising, but the opening will close up within one to three days.

After the Vasectomy

Plan to take it easy for 48 to 72 hours after your vasectomy. Wear an athletic supporter for two to three days after the procedure. Don’t do any heavy lifting or yard work, but you can walk and drive. Once the pain goes down, you can resume exercise at half-strength or go back to work. Some men need up to seven to fourteen days to get completely back to normal. You won’t need a follow-up appointment because there are no sutures.

Plan to use another birth control method once you resume sexual activities for three months following the vasectomy. You’ll bring a semen sample to a laboratory to have it analyzed to ensure that no sperm is present.

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