Circumcision in Ottawa – What You Should Know

Circumcision is the surgical procedure performed on newborn male infants in which the foreskin on the head of the penis is removed. Typically, it is done in the hospital before the baby goes home, but it can be done in the first three months. Parents must decide on circumcision for their baby. The Canadian Paediatric Society recognizes that there are benefits to circumcision, but the organization does not make a blanket recommendation.

Why Choose Circumcision or Not?

Circumcision has its benefits:

  • Babies who are circumcised have reduced risk of urinary tract infections in the first year of life.
  • There is a reduced risk of phimosis, which is the scarring or thickening of the foreskin.
  • Circumcision offers a lower risk of sexually transmitted infections as the child grows.
  • Boys who are circumcised often have better hygiene, but boys can be taught to take care of their foreskin if they aren’t circumcised.

Many parents choose circumcision for religious or social traditions, in addition to the medical benefits. Critics of circumcision believe that it should be an individual’s decision. Although complications with a circumcision are rare, the procedure does take a few days to heal. It can be painful for a baby; hence, the procedure is done with anesthesia. A circumcision cannot be done on a baby with certain medical conditions, such as a bleeding disorder or skin condition.

Talk to Your Doctor in Ottawa About Circumcision

Ideally, the parents should make the decision about circumcision for their son before the baby is born. If you need more information, you can make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Bercier to discuss the procedure at our Ottawa clinic.