Circumcision in Montreal

Circumcision is a procedure performed on a baby boy to remove the foreskin from the penis. The parents must decide for themselves whether to have their baby circumcised. There are many reasons circumcision is chosen, from religious or cultural reasons to medical benefits. Instead of struggling with a decision, speak to a medical doctor in Montreal about circumcision to get all the information and make the right choice for your son.

Pros and Cons of Circumcision

Understanding the medical benefits and risks of circumcision can help you make an informed choice for your family. The benefits of circumcision include:

  • Infants who are circumcised are less likely to develop UTIs in the first year of life
  • Lower risk of HPV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Foreskin removal makes personal hygiene easier

Some of the risks with circumcision include bleeding and infection. Some parents object to unnecessary pain, although physicians do use a local anesthetic during the procedure. Opponents also argue that the infant is too young to refuse the treatment. The boy should have the right to decide for himself when he gets older if he wants the circumcision or not.

Is Circumcision Right for Your Family?

As parents of a baby boy, you have an important decision to make for your son. Talk to your Montreal doctor about circumcision who can help you make the right choice. Book a consultation today.