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Benefits of Planning Circumcision For Your Newborn Son

Benefits of Planning Circumcision For Your Newborn Son

Having a baby is a delightful time for parents, but it can also be excitingly challenging. Whether you’re a new parent or have one or two other children, you’re learning a new routine and taking care of a little human that is completely dependent on you. There are a lot of changes and decisions to make. Planning ahead for a circumcision can relieve you of some of that stress about ensuring your baby boy’s health and hygiene.

Pre-Planning Gives You Time to Ask Questions

Circumcision is often a complicated decision because it involves more factors than the health of your baby. There may be religious considerations. Some parents worry that their son will look different from dad or other men in the culture. You may even have concerns about how circumcision will affect your son over the course of his life. Talking to a doctor before the baby is born gives you a lot of time to make the right decision.

Doctors Recommend Circumcision as Early as Possible

When you make the decision for a circumcision before the baby is born, you will most likely be able to have it done before you take your baby home. This eliminates the need for another appointment. The doctor may even use local anesthesia instead of having to perform the procedure in an operating room under general anesthesia when the baby is older.

You Have One Less Thing to Worry About After You Give Birth

Giving birth is a wonderful process but it is exhausting and exhilarating. There are many details that need to be handled before you even take your baby home. Knowing whether you want circumcision before the baby is born alleviates one problem that you don’t have to think about when your body is tired, and your mind is going many miles per minute!

Babies do very well with circumcision. Complications are rare. Talking to an experienced doctor about the procedure can put your mind at ease that the healthcare team will keep your little one comfortable and safe.

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